About Gitgo Company


Hi, I'm Shay, one part owner and one part creator of Gitgo co. 

Gitgo co. first got its roots when I started making swim pieces for myself. Unsure about how it would go, my partner Eddie and I headed to Michaels to purchase our first sewing machine. We spent months perfecting the technique, as well as the designs. Being the ultimate DIY-ers that we are, it didn't take much to fall in love with the process. 

Shortly after testing the pieces myself, I opened up Gitgo to friends and family as a way to gain feedback on the cut and quality of the suits. I received an overwhelming amount of love and positivity, ultimately pushing me to launch the brand. 

Since launching in 2020, we have spent hours perfecting different sewing techniques, developing new patterns, upgrading to higher-quality sewing machines, and much more. All to ensure each Gitgo bikini is the highest possible quality. 

Gitgo Company's modern and simplistic designs are built around my love for nature, the ocean, and living in a bikini for as many days of the year as Canada will allow me. Gitgo company pieces are about quality, the perfect fit, and more importantly, the most flattering minimal designs. 

Meet the Team