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Your Online Presence Is The New First Impression. Make It A Good one

Updated: Jan 4

Here’s the truth: When someone hears about a business, what’s the first thing they do? “Google it”. Maybe search it up on Facebook or Instagram. Wherever they go to find out more, it will be online. Ignoring the opportunity of creating online platforms is like keeping the doors locked all day. A lot of people will walk by, but no one can get in.

A few years ago, businesses that excelled online were either already giants of their own industry or brands that focused heavily on online marketing. Large companies that could afford the marketing budget started dumping tens of thousands, if not millions, into online campaigns. Non-profits used social media marketing to raise money and awareness faster for their cause. Clothing companies were able to function at high rates without ever placing their clothing in a retail store. Seeing the potential the online world had, individual freelancers and creatives followed soon after. They displayed their work across as many platforms as they could and got more eyes on their work than ever before possible. With online tools becoming increasingly easy to use and staying at a low cost, finding a brand that has no online presence is rarer than otherwise.

While some of us are up and running at an incredible rate, some are still just lacing up their shoes. But here’s the thing. That’s okay! The internet isn’t a billboard, it doesn’t run out of space. There is always room for more. Every day, an obscene amount of new content, businesses, and people appear in the online world and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, if ever! So if you’re one of the one’s still lacing up, or even still picking out your shoes, it’s not too late to get going. But the time is now!

Here are a few tips to get your social media up and running

1) Be yourself

Every brand has its own message to share with different goals to accomplish. Some want to turn into an online marketing beast. Others just want to let their customers know that they are opening late this Monday. There is no one-size-fits-all for this game. In fact, the ones who seem to do best online do things completely different than the rest. Go and get inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram or wherever, but remember you are promoting YOUR brand, not someone else’s. Trying to impersonate brands that have already had success doesn’t work as well as you might think.

2) Pick A Style. Be Consistent

The type of content you share will depend on what you are trying to say. If you are a high energy person and love talking about your company, you could start uploading videos of yourself doing just that. Are you a writer? Start a blog sharing some cool facts or stories about what you do. However you choose to share, keep it consistent. It’s better to post twice a week for months than to post 5 days in a row and disappear.

3) Done is better than Perfect

Im not sure who said that quote but it’s a good one. A lot of people want to wait until they have figured out the perfect style or the perfect color pallet before they start sharing. Although having a beautiful feed is nice, it isn’t what makes the difference. Being consistent with whatever you do, as stated above, is much more effective than looking good.

4) Engage and Support

It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason. Be social. You really do get what you give when it comes to growth online. Support other businesses and creatives in your area or who do similar work to you and they will more than likely return the favor. Keeping to yourself and treating it like a competition will only keep your community smaller and therefore allow fewer people to see what you share.

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